How to make your home mani last looooong ♥

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while, 
but my previous nail was so beautiful and it had no chips, NO CHIPS AT ALL,
so I couldn't get myself to remove them X(

It almost looks (and feels) like I'm wearing gel nails,
the mani is preserved that well!!

So today, I'll go on and post about a few tips on how to make your home mani last longer ♥

1. Clean your nails
It's really really important to make your nails squeaky clean to avoid your nails peeling off!
So as tempting as it may be to slap on your favourite polish as soon as you get them from the store,
wash your hands and nails first!!
I usually use washing up liquid to make sure all the dirt and oil and cuticle creams are off!!!
If you want to be extra thorough, you can use nail polish remover and go over your nails with cotton pads.

2. Avoid the cuticles at all costs
I see a lot of nail posts on line with the nail polish right up to the cuticles,
or worse, flooding over!!
This is very bad news, as the polish that's touching the cuticles will be easier to wear off,
allowing water and air in between your nails and nail polish through the gaps. 
This is where the nail chipping and wearing all starts!!
So if you're not one of those people with a very steady hand,
be safe and start painting your nails a little further from the cuticles.
You might be surprised at how easier it is to paint neater this way,
because you don't have to worry about flooding the cuticles.

3. Apply a good base coat
This helps all kinds of nail polish really stick to your natural nails.
It's also an important step to create a smooth canvas on your nails,
as well as   preventing your nails from getting stained by those bright hues!!
Remember to steer clear from those cuticles!!

4. Choose wisely
If you apply a really opaque, bright colour, then any tiny chip will start bothering you immediately,
especially if you're a little bit of a perfectionist like myself.
A great choice for when you know you can't change your nails frequently is a glitter gradient nail.
Try picking up a sheer/jelly colour for the base,
this will help avoid getting a hideously noticeable gap between the cuticle and the polish,
especially if you have  fast-growing nails.
Then you can wear the polish as long as you like!!

5. Wrap the tips
It's very important to wrap the tips, not only to make the mani last longer,
but to get a really "salon-manicured" neatness.
I usually swipe across the edges of the tips after my first coat of nail polish.

6. Seal the deal with a long-lasting top coat
This goes without saying, but choose a very good, long-lasting top coat.
It really makes a difference!!
I love my Seche Vite top coat, it's thick, glossy and makes my nails very strong,!!
I always get asked by strangers on the tube how great and fake my nails look! LOL
A lot of people genuinely believe that I'm wearing some kind of fake or gel nail, 
the top coat is that thick and glossy!!!

7. Be careful :)
And last but not least, be careful with your nails!!
Your nails are not tools!!
Treat them like you treat your facourite necklace from Tiffany's ♥
And take care of them, applying additional coats of top coat every other day or so!!

I hope you liked my tips, and here are a couple of pictures from today.

Can you believe how well-kept they are??
Literally not a single chip or wear to be seen♥