Perfect nude from OPI ♡

Like I always say, every girl should own their perfect nude polish.
It's the same as owning the right shade of foundation, because everyone needs to find it themselves.
You have to find your dream polish 
with the right combination of pink, yellow, white and taupe that compliments your hands!!

For me, it was this nude from Essence, Iced Latte, that I swatched here.
But as perfect as it is, I live in London and I wanted to find a more accessible polish.

That's how I found today's polish from OPI.
It's My Vampire Is Buff, from their Euro Centrale Collection,
and it's a creamy white beige that makes a perfect base for any kind of nail art in this season. 
It's creamy and opaque in just 2 coats, and I'm in love!!

I used OPI Which Is Witch? on my accent nails.

What do you think?


  1. so pretty >_<
    I'm trying to grow my nails out right now so my nails look like yours. haha
    how do you get your nails to be so strong? My nails always end up breaking/flaking when they get long...

    1. Aww thanks Hiroko, I guess always having my nails coated with nail polish, base/top coats helps!!
      And I drink a LOT of milk :)

  2. I really like it, is so pretty :) And i love the color! Why can i just have your nails? haha. You live in London? Oh, so cool ♥ Espero que andes muy bien, te invitamos a pasar por nuestro espacio!

    1. Gracias Albertina ♥ I have very strong nails :)
      and I'd love to see your blog!!