Bow and glitter nails ♡

Hi everyone ♡
Today I have a very girly nail art I created with my newly-purchased BarryM Nail Art Pen in Black.

As I'm not very steady-handed when it comes to using thin nail art brushes,
I was very excited to use this gem that comes in the form of a pen!!!
As it turns out, the pen isn't as easy to use as I'd hoped....
Oh well, I guess it needs some getting used-to!!!

I used Revlon # 092 Blue Lagoon (A little muted sky blue with delicate silver shimmer) 
and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear # 180 Disco Ball (Amazingly glittery topper with iridescent glitters).
Yes, the lines are wobbly and the shape isn't so great....
But there's always a first time for everything!!
I will practice and get back to you with more pretty and refined designs (hopefully) ♡

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