pink glitter ombre ♥

Having received a lot of compliments on my blue ombre nails I've posted here,
I felt like I really should try a pink version of it using  Sinful Colors#830 Pinky Glitter.
 It contains the same iridescent glitters of different sizes,
packed in a clear and bright barbie pink base, which looks almost neon in some lightings.
In a way, this colour might be more summery!!

 To create this look, I used exactly the same method.
1. One coat of Essie #473 Sugar Daddy (a sheer milky pink) to cover any stains on my nails
2. Two to three coats of  Sinful Colors#830 Pinky Glitter to create the ombre on my tips
3. Two coats of Essie #545 Pink Glove Service (a squishy jelly pink) to add a little more depth and evenness to the gradient
4. Two coats of Seche Vite topcoat to seal everything in.

What do you think?
Pinky Glitter is like the pink sister to Hottie, and the iridescent glitters are just beautiful in the sun♥

80's neon mosaic nails♡

It seems like this summer is all about neons!
Neon nails, neon clothes, neon everything!!!

As some of you may know, I am not too keen on neons, being a pastel girl at heart,
but I had to try out this trend somehow before the summer was over.

To avoid getting an in-your-face bright neon on my nails,
I used a really fun and colourful scotch tape nail art to make the neon fraction as small as possible.
To create this 80's inspired mosaic look,
I painted some colours on scotch tape, and cut them into small triangles after they have tried.
And Voila!! It's such an easy way to create your very own handmade nail stickers!!

✤ Colours Used ✤

White: Sinful Colors #101 Snow Me White
Blue: NYC #325 Raindrop 
Lilac: OPI #NL E74 You're Such A Budapest
Neon Pink:  OPI #NL E73 Suzi's Hungary Again!
Silver Holo Glitter: China Glaze #1118 Glistening Snow
Top Coat: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

I really love how I still have a little neon on my accent nails, but not too aggressively.
The white polish on the base really helped bring out the brightness of neons and blues,
and I love how artsy my nails look today!!


Essence Upper Green Side♥

 Today I wanted to wear something that goes with the pistachio gelato I had in Covent Garden,
and found this lovely muted creme mint by Essence #150 Upper Green Side!!

In the bottle, the green looks a little lighter with a blue fine shimmer.
On the nails, it's a little darker and a shimmerless creme.

To go with this lovely soft green,
I used Essie #706 Neo Whimsical.

I was going to use rhinestones to make it more interesting,
but having finished painting the nails, I felt it was such a Spring-like combination of colours,
I didn't know what to do!!

Maybe tonight I'll end up drawing flowers instead of using rhinestones, who knows!!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend♥xx

blue glitter ombre ♥

Today I'm wearing girly blue ombre nails,
perfect for that hot summer day by the pool (which isn't happening at all in London sadly!!)
To create this look, I used Essie #473 Sugar Daddy, a sheer milky pink, to cover any stains on my nails.
Then I used Sinful Colors#831 Hottie to create the ombre on my tips,
and used 1 coat of Essie #545 Pink Glove Service,
a squishy jelly pink that just adds a little more depth and evenness to the gradient and base colour.
After that, I used 2 coats of Seche Vite topcoat to seal everything in.

Now, let me just tell you how beautiful Hottie is!!
It's packed with different sized iridescent glitters in a sheer clear blue base,
which is a beautiful deep cobalt blue when built up, 
but is soft and almost lilac looking when worn in 1 coat.
So when you make an ombre with this, 
it makes a beautiful gradient from soft lilac to deep cobalt blue!!

If you are having trouble creating a good ombre,
you might want to try this beauty out, it was probably the most easiest glitter polish to make ombres!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! xx

Making the most of Bikini So Teeny

 It is no secret that Essie's Bikini So Teeny is my all-time favourite blue,
but lately, I've been feeling like there could be more I can do to make the most out of the 
prettiest periwinkle blue on earth.
First of all, 
the delicate pearlescent shimmers can't be seen on the nails,
and my favourite fast-drying topcoat Seche Vite seems to alter the colour a little.

It's a shame, because like I said,
it's the most prettiest shade of blue ever!!
Not too white, not too in-your-face, 
not too lilac, and not too dark that it clashes with my skin tone.
So today, I decided to layer a thin coat of similar shade,
2true Glossywear Nail Polish #48.
This is like a sheer version of Bikini So Teeny,
and has a stronger silver shimmer that actually shows up on the nails ♡
What do you think??
I think I've finally managed to recreate the colour from the bottle on my nails!!

Haute As Hello summer mani ♥

Today I have a quick post on my current nails for you!

In attempt to feel more summery than the current London weather lets us feel,
I'm wearing a bright neon/creme peachy orange and a doodle accent nail.

The orange hue is Essie #722 Haute As Hello.
On my accent nail I'm wearing 3 coats of Sinful Colors #101 Snow Me White as a base,
with dots using China Glaze #1114 Champagne Kisses
and Haute As Hello for the flower doodle art.

Now that I look at the pictures,
the doodle nail art reminds me of snow flakes,
so maybe it was a fail for a "summery" nail art!!

I love how the orange and white contrast looks so bright and vibrant in the sun!

Barry M Pomegranate ♡

When you get used to purchasing the higher-end polishes 
the likes of Essie, OPI, China Glaze and Zoya,
with their alluring seasonal collections and pretty bottles,
it's really easy to forget about the existence of drugstore brands.

But the fact is, due to recent polish trends,
A LOT of the drugstore brands are coming up with high-quality polishes
with beautiful colours, textures and wonderful formula, at a fraction of the price!!

BarryM is one of the top-notch brands when it comes to this.I have  to say,
they are just so AMAZING!!
I have yet to see a brand that can match their formula quality and price!!

Today I'm wearing BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine in the shade of Pomegranate.
It's a deep berry red with a high-shine finish, and the unbelievable thing is...
This is just 1 coat, with no top coat.
Can I say it again??
JUST 1 COAT!! ♡♡♡
I was so used to having to layer sheer polishes coat after coat,
painting this polish was such an eye-opening experience for me!!
For this picture I added 1 coat of top coat ♡ So shiny!!!

The days of purchasing salon polishes may be finally over for me....
Or not ♡

Pastel bow nails with Essie Lilacism and Neo Whimsical♥

I have a love/hate relationship with nail polish collections.
Each colour is designed to go well with the other,
and once you fall in love with one colour from the collection....
You just can't stop thinking about how well it would look
next to the other colours from the same collection!!
So my wallet hates nail polish collections!!

Today, I'm wearing two colours from Essie's The Art of Spring Collection.
Yes, you all know I love pastels!!
I swear, my polish purchase triples in Spring/Summer times each year!!

The soft pink creme is #706 Neo Whimsical.
The soft lilac creme is #705 Lilacism.
They both contain no shimmers, glitters, and are super pretty, cool-toned pastels.
I used 3 coats of each colour, then used a random silver polish over 
cut-out scotch tapes to stencil the bow.

I think the two colours are like the perfect couple,
and looks soooo much prettier together than on it's own♥

Getting bored of your nails??

 It feels like the more I paint my nails, the quicker I get bored with each mani,
the more intricate nail arts I try, the more plain they end up seeming.

This is probably what any nail polish lovers go through,
but how often can a girl change her nails in one week??

Of course, if any of you are like me, and just absolutely love painting your nails to death,
all you have to do is keep painting your nails a different colour everyday.

However, not everyone can tolerate this kind of nightly routine.
If you asked me a year ago, I would never have imagined painting my nails this often myself!!

So today, for all you busy working girls out there,
I have two of my favourite solutions to freshen up your mani
without having to take off everything you have on your nails ♡

1. Adding a matte top coat

You may have already seen me using a matte top coat on some of my previous nails,
but this little gem of a top coat works like magic 
when you want to gear up you mani with minimal effort!!!
I love layering this on pastel creme polishes for a frosted glass finish,
or over shimmery polishes to create a velvety look.
Also, you can layer on top of glitter nail polishes like I have on my middle finger here,
to create a girly glitter-embedded frosty look♡

2. Layering a statement glitter top coat
I love me a really bright accent nail,
and this Milani #533 Silver gives you just the right punch of glitters I want!!
Here, I used 2 layers of this glitter polish on my ring finger♡
(This polish gives you an amazing disco ball look, if 4-5 coats were used on its own by the way!!)

I hope you liked my quick how-to on gearing up your nails!
Have a lovely week ♡xx

Frosted tips ♡

There is something about glitter gradient nails 
that have you staring at your nails all day.

This mani I'm wearing today have exactly that effect!!
The iridescent glitter gradient 
just shimmers so beautifully in different lights♡

To get this look, 
I started off with 3 coats of a mint creme polish, MUA pistachio ice cream.
After letting the base colour dry,
I painted 1/4 end of the tips with an iridescent glitter top coat, NYC#155 Gramercy Glitz. 
When that was dry, I layered a finer iridescent glitter polish, 
TiNS #017 the aurora mist, about 1/3 of the nails.
To finish it off, I layered another layer of  NYC#155 Gramercy Glitz 
just on the very tips of the nails,
then coated everything in with a top coat.

The fine glitter in TiNS aurora mist has the effect of making a very natural gradient,
and I just love the green/blue shimmer it adds to the nails ♡

Do you have any glitter polishes that's just perfect for creating a natural gradient nails??

MUA pistachio ice cream
MUA pistachio ice cream

Dandy Lyin' Around ♡

As the weirdly humid, gloomy and most unsummer-like weather continues in London,
my longing for a bright coloured fingertips grew stronger and stronger.
Thus, I cut my nails clean and short!!
I usually don't like my nails to be short,
as my hand is miniscule and babyish,
and short nails just exaggerates that look :'(

But to me, what is worse than a baby-like hand is
looking like a witch with grossly long and garish nails!!
 Today, I'm wearing a clean white polish with subtle yet effective shimmers running through.
This lovely sophisticated white is
China Glaze #81187 Dandy Lyin’ Around
from their 2013Avant Garden Collection ♡

The application was a little on the difficult side,
with a thick, streaky and sheer formula.
I have used 3 thick coats for the pictures here,
and the nails still looked a little patchy before adding two thick coats of Seche Vite.
 But the end result is totally worth it!!

I love love love this delicate hue,
I think it would suit all kinds of occasions without looking too reserved ♥

What do you think?
Do you own any colours from the China Glaze 2013Avant Garden Collection??