Girly pink purple and white glitters♡

Happy weekend everyone!!
Today's weather at London is looking pretty gloomy...
So I'm getting all snuggly and warm in the house 
with my favourite TV shows and pretty pastel nails♡

Purple texture (with topcoat this time): Zoya #ZP675 Stevie (Summer 2013 PixieDust Collection)
White texture (Also with topcoat): OPI #NL M49 Solitaire (2013 Bond Girls Collection)
Pink shimmer: Sinful Colors #376 Glass Pink
Pink creme: OPI I Theodora You

What do you think? I'm in love with the girly shimmery princess-y finish ♡

OPI Care To Danse?

 Happy Friday everyone!!
 Today I'm wearing my most beloved sheer purple polish by OPI, Care To Danse?
It is sheer, so I needed 3-4 delicate coats to achieve this opacity,
but I love how squishy and girly the finish looks!!
Also, the purple is so light and milky, it almost looks pink, and the nail just about goes with
any kind of outwear you have on!!
This is my second bottle of this colour, I think it's so timeless and suits all sorts of occasions,
a colour that you just can't go wrong with♡

On my accent nail, I used China Glaze Luxe and Lush,
a random iridescent polish that shines green, pink, orange, blue... like little pieces of rainbow on your nails♡

Do you like sheer nail polishes?

Rose prints and pastels ♥

Today I'm showing you what I had on a few weeks back, it's my favourite skittle nails combo♥

To create this look, just paint your nails in your favourite colours
and for the roses,
just drop pink and white polish in a dot then swirl it around into a rose pattern with a tooth pink!!

pink: Essie Neo Whimsical
white: Sinful Colors Snow Me White
green: Bourjois Amande Defile

P.S. This is to prove how much I love this nail art...
I just couldn't take it off for sooo long!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! xx

Holo top coat review ♡

Today I'm wearing Essence Special Effects Topper #12 Holo Topping, Please!
In the bottle, it looks like a pink toned holo glitter polish,
but as this is a top coat, it's pretty sheer on its own.
With 4 coats on the nails, you get the finish in the pictures above.
This is seriously the prettiest champagne glitter polish,
and I think it would look so pretty on top of gold or nude polishes.
Very elegant don't you think??

Timeless red ♡

Before I got obsessed with nail polish, I never knew there were so many different shades to red.
The simple, most classic  nail colour can have so many different character,
from chic and modern to being almost hookerish!!

The colour I'm wearing today is Barry M Nail Paint in Bright Red.
This is a very energetic red, with a hint of orange.
I like to call it a healthy tomato red, and with Seche VIte top coat,
the end result is very modern, shiny and vibrant!!
I absolutely love it!!

Here is a picture of Barry M Pomegranate, a more cherry red alternative, 
to show the orange tone of Bright Red.

Which shade of red do you like better?
Do you have any favourite red polishes??xx

Perfect nude from OPI ♡

Like I always say, every girl should own their perfect nude polish.
It's the same as owning the right shade of foundation, because everyone needs to find it themselves.
You have to find your dream polish 
with the right combination of pink, yellow, white and taupe that compliments your hands!!

For me, it was this nude from Essence, Iced Latte, that I swatched here.
But as perfect as it is, I live in London and I wanted to find a more accessible polish.

That's how I found today's polish from OPI.
It's My Vampire Is Buff, from their Euro Centrale Collection,
and it's a creamy white beige that makes a perfect base for any kind of nail art in this season. 
It's creamy and opaque in just 2 coats, and I'm in love!!

I used OPI Which Is Witch? on my accent nails.

What do you think?

Autumnal nude and plum ♡

Today, I'm trying out more of my autumnal shades to be a good nail blogger!!

The beautiful and shiny deep purple (looking a little like navy blue in the photos above) is
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in the shade of Plum.
As with all the Gelly Hi-Shine polishes, it's very shiny and opaque,
and I absolutely love the deep, rich hue!!
I tried to create a lace-like pattern with Barry M Nail Art Pen in White.

The nude polish is OPI MY Vampire Is Buff, my new favourite neutral colour!

As beautiful and sophisticated as these two polishes may be,
I honestly cannot wait for the spring to come, 
so that I can go back to being the pastel-loving nail blogger that I am♡
Do you have any autumnal colours that I can try?? 
(Hopefully without looking too dark and dull??)xx

Squishy peachy ombre nails ♡

Hi everyone♡
Today I'm wearing a peachy ombre nail, that looks so squishy and gel-like!!
Whenever I wear my nails like this, I remember my Japanese girly descent :)

To create this girly gradient, I used the infamous gradient hue, Essie # 472 Shop Till I Drop!!
It's a sheer polish with just the right amount of pink, peach and orange
that lets you create an easy ombre with the polish brush or with a sponge.
To even out the gradient, I layered Essie # 473 Sugar Daddy (milky sheer) and Seche Vite top coat.

Yes, I know it looks a little Spring/Summer, but who can resist a pink gradient?
I know I can't!!

Have a wonderful week everyone!!xx

OPI Which Is Witch?

Today I have swatches of my all-time favourite glitter polish for you!!
It's OPI Which Is Witch? 
an amazing clear-based polish with fine glitters, bar glitters, round glitters and hex glitters,
making your nails look like a mirror ball in one quick swipe!!!

I love layering it on top of jelly/creme pastels, as well as on bright hues.

The lilac is OPI You're Such A Budapest, and the white sheer polish is OPI Don't Touch My Tutu!

What do you think??
Do you love the glitter polish as much as I do??

Squishy pink nails ♡

Declaration; I am officially going back to wearing pastel nails!!
I'm tired of wearing depressing dull autumnal hues, 
and it just doesn't feel right when I'm not rocking my girly nails♡

Today I'm wearing two OPI polishes from their Wizard of Oz collection.
The semi-sheer pink hue is OPI I Theodora You.
It takes 3-4 coats to achieve the opacity on the pictures above,
but because of it's sheer nature, it gives a pretty and squishy but creamy effect.
The glitter on my accent nail is OPI Which is Witch?

Oh I feel so good in pink!!

Cute as a button ♡

So I know it's autumn and the weather is cold,
and that I'm expected to wear the newest colours from the newest winter collections,,,,

But I just can't resist wearing a vibrant colour that would brighten up my mood!!

Today I'm wearing Essie Cute As A Button
It's a bright pink with a hint of coral, which leans more orange on pictures than in real life.
I did a cute free-handed curvy french tip design,
and used iridescent glitters and rhinestones on my accent nail to make things more interesting.

Do you like it?
I think it would be the perfect kind of dressed-up nail for a party or wedding!!

Cute raindrop nail art ♡

Hi there ♡
Today I have yet another of my lazy nail art designs to show you!!

I used pastels and glitters, and randomly dabbed little dots around the tips of my nails.
You don't have to worry about drawing neat dots,
just dab dab dab until the nail line is covered up!!
To even out everything, layer a sheer milky pink polish like Essie True Love or Sugar Daddy,
and seal them in a glossy top coat to get a gel-like effect♡

I absolutely love this design!! 
What do you think?? xx

Lazy curvy french tips ♡

Today I have the most laziest nail art of all times!!
It's the curvy french tips!!

It's great, because you don't have to be precise, 
you don't have to worry about flooding the cuticle lines, and this dries so quickly♡

On top of that, because it's clear around the cuticles,
 this mani lasts for days and days!! (if you manage to keep it chip-free)

With this design, I added some silver brions in a flower shape for accent.

What do you think?
Would you give this lazy nail art a try?? xx

Tokyo Pearl ♡

There's something in the air of Autumn that makes you a little calmer in terms of fashion,
more chic and elegant instead of my usual cute and casual.
I think today's swatch is the most elegant of all my polish collection,
the classic, clean white pearlescent hue that really requires a steady hand for a neat finish.
It's Sinful Colors # 112 Tokyo Pearl.
As annoying as it is that this pearlescent and sheer polish takes twice as usual to apply descently,
the end result is an elegant fingertip that makes you wish you owned a Chanel tweed jacket to go with it ♡

White nails and black leather ♡

Today, I'm wearing a very simple and clean white polish.
It's Sinful Colors # 101 Snow Me White,
my all-time favourite white polish with the perfect consistency and opacity.

I thought about adding rhinestones or silver studs as an accent,
but decided to keep it simple and chic.

I think it goes really well with my black leather bags ♡
What do you think?? xx

My favourite nail art of all times!!

Hi everyone♡
Today I have a quick post on one of my favourite nail art of all time....Leopard!!
The pictures are from back when I started blogging,
and as tiring as it may seem to do leopard art on all five nails,
it was kind of therapeutic.... and fun!!!
I blotted some nail polish on a piece of paper,
and drew the glitter dots and black outline with a toothpick.

Do you like leopard nails?
I think it would make a perfect fall/winter manicure♡

Autumn grey and pink ♡

As the weather gets colder and colder,
I felt a little pressured to rock more autumnal hues as a nail blogger.
So today, I'm wearing a an October-weather-worthy nail.

The purple toned grey taupe is Sally Hansen # 404 Greige Gardens.
In just two coats, you get a good glossy coverage, and I love this sophisticated colour!!
However, when I applied it on all five of my fingers, it had a little aging effect,
and made my hands looks so old!!

So instead, I decided to use Greige Gardens on just my accent nails,
and reached for a pretty soft pink to compliment the grey.

The pink polish with silver hex glitters and fine glitters is Revlon # 230 Popular.
 The sheerness of the polish required a good three coats for full opacity,
but in return gave the glitters a suspended look and so much depth!!

In the end, I'm glad I settled for this colour-combo,
greys go with soft pinks so well♡

Bow and glitter nails ♡

Hi everyone ♡
Today I have a very girly nail art I created with my newly-purchased BarryM Nail Art Pen in Black.

As I'm not very steady-handed when it comes to using thin nail art brushes,
I was very excited to use this gem that comes in the form of a pen!!!
As it turns out, the pen isn't as easy to use as I'd hoped....
Oh well, I guess it needs some getting used-to!!!

I used Revlon # 092 Blue Lagoon (A little muted sky blue with delicate silver shimmer) 
and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear # 180 Disco Ball (Amazingly glittery topper with iridescent glitters).
Yes, the lines are wobbly and the shape isn't so great....
But there's always a first time for everything!!
I will practice and get back to you with more pretty and refined designs (hopefully) ♡