OPI Care To Danse?

 Happy Friday everyone!!
 Today I'm wearing my most beloved sheer purple polish by OPI, Care To Danse?
It is sheer, so I needed 3-4 delicate coats to achieve this opacity,
but I love how squishy and girly the finish looks!!
Also, the purple is so light and milky, it almost looks pink, and the nail just about goes with
any kind of outwear you have on!!
This is my second bottle of this colour, I think it's so timeless and suits all sorts of occasions,
a colour that you just can't go wrong with♡

On my accent nail, I used China Glaze Luxe and Lush,
a random iridescent polish that shines green, pink, orange, blue... like little pieces of rainbow on your nails♡

Do you like sheer nail polishes?

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