Pastel bow nails with Essie Lilacism and Neo Whimsical♥

I have a love/hate relationship with nail polish collections.
Each colour is designed to go well with the other,
and once you fall in love with one colour from the collection....
You just can't stop thinking about how well it would look
next to the other colours from the same collection!!
So my wallet hates nail polish collections!!

Today, I'm wearing two colours from Essie's The Art of Spring Collection.
Yes, you all know I love pastels!!
I swear, my polish purchase triples in Spring/Summer times each year!!

The soft pink creme is #706 Neo Whimsical.
The soft lilac creme is #705 Lilacism.
They both contain no shimmers, glitters, and are super pretty, cool-toned pastels.
I used 3 coats of each colour, then used a random silver polish over 
cut-out scotch tapes to stencil the bow.

I think the two colours are like the perfect couple,
and looks soooo much prettier together than on it's own♥


  1. Very beautiful manicure!
    Come visit

    1. Thank you ♡
      I'm so jealous you can buy the Russian nail polishes,
      they are sooo difficult to get in the UK! :'(