Frosted tips ♡

There is something about glitter gradient nails 
that have you staring at your nails all day.

This mani I'm wearing today have exactly that effect!!
The iridescent glitter gradient 
just shimmers so beautifully in different lights♡

To get this look, 
I started off with 3 coats of a mint creme polish, MUA pistachio ice cream.
After letting the base colour dry,
I painted 1/4 end of the tips with an iridescent glitter top coat, NYC#155 Gramercy Glitz. 
When that was dry, I layered a finer iridescent glitter polish, 
TiNS #017 the aurora mist, about 1/3 of the nails.
To finish it off, I layered another layer of  NYC#155 Gramercy Glitz 
just on the very tips of the nails,
then coated everything in with a top coat.

The fine glitter in TiNS aurora mist has the effect of making a very natural gradient,
and I just love the green/blue shimmer it adds to the nails ♡

Do you have any glitter polishes that's just perfect for creating a natural gradient nails??

MUA pistachio ice cream
MUA pistachio ice cream

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