Getting bored of your nails??

 It feels like the more I paint my nails, the quicker I get bored with each mani,
the more intricate nail arts I try, the more plain they end up seeming.

This is probably what any nail polish lovers go through,
but how often can a girl change her nails in one week??

Of course, if any of you are like me, and just absolutely love painting your nails to death,
all you have to do is keep painting your nails a different colour everyday.

However, not everyone can tolerate this kind of nightly routine.
If you asked me a year ago, I would never have imagined painting my nails this often myself!!

So today, for all you busy working girls out there,
I have two of my favourite solutions to freshen up your mani
without having to take off everything you have on your nails ♡

1. Adding a matte top coat

You may have already seen me using a matte top coat on some of my previous nails,
but this little gem of a top coat works like magic 
when you want to gear up you mani with minimal effort!!!
I love layering this on pastel creme polishes for a frosted glass finish,
or over shimmery polishes to create a velvety look.
Also, you can layer on top of glitter nail polishes like I have on my middle finger here,
to create a girly glitter-embedded frosty look♡

2. Layering a statement glitter top coat
I love me a really bright accent nail,
and this Milani #533 Silver gives you just the right punch of glitters I want!!
Here, I used 2 layers of this glitter polish on my ring finger♡
(This polish gives you an amazing disco ball look, if 4-5 coats were used on its own by the way!!)

I hope you liked my quick how-to on gearing up your nails!
Have a lovely week ♡xx

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