Making the most of Bikini So Teeny

 It is no secret that Essie's Bikini So Teeny is my all-time favourite blue,
but lately, I've been feeling like there could be more I can do to make the most out of the 
prettiest periwinkle blue on earth.
First of all, 
the delicate pearlescent shimmers can't be seen on the nails,
and my favourite fast-drying topcoat Seche Vite seems to alter the colour a little.

It's a shame, because like I said,
it's the most prettiest shade of blue ever!!
Not too white, not too in-your-face, 
not too lilac, and not too dark that it clashes with my skin tone.
So today, I decided to layer a thin coat of similar shade,
2true Glossywear Nail Polish #48.
This is like a sheer version of Bikini So Teeny,
and has a stronger silver shimmer that actually shows up on the nails ♡
What do you think??
I think I've finally managed to recreate the colour from the bottle on my nails!!


  1. Replies
    1. I love how the sheerer polish brings out the shimmer and colour of Bikini So Teeny♥

  2. It looks so pretty, especially with that shimmer. I've been meaning to get 'Bikini So Teeny', this post makes me want to go and get it now! :)


    1. This colour is worth every penny!! I love this colour so much, I wear this all year round :) xx