Another polish shopping... ♡

Hi everyone!!

Today, I have yet another list of polishes I have welcomed into my life!!

✤Shopping List✤
Starting from the top left to the right...

OPI #NL M54 Jinx (2013 Bond Girls Collection)
OPI #NL M50 Pussy Galore (2013 Bond Girls Collection)
OPI #NL M49 Solitaire (2013 Bond Girls Collection)
OPI #NL T53 Care To Danse? (2012 NY C Ballet Soft Shades Collection)
OPI #NL E82  My Vampire Is Buff (2013 Euro Centrale Collection)
Essie #545 Pink Glove Service
China Glaze #81187 Dandy Lyin’ Around(2013Avant Garden Collection)
China Glaze #80624 Luxe and Lush (2012 Capitol Colours Collection)
Zoya #ZP434 Lulu
Zoya # ZP275 Maya
Zoya #ZP675 Stevie (Summer 2013 PixieDust Collection)
Color Club #NA18 Cristal Glitter
Color Club #NA26 Fine Gold Glitter

(Click on the links above for a detailed swatch ♡)

I am soooo excited.
and I just can't wait to do all their swatches!!

I have glitter striper pens,
textured polishes,
jelly polishes,
soft shades,
pearly or creamy or glittery whites....
Also have purchased second bottles of my favourite polishes,
Pink Glove Service and Care To Danse?


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