elegant in the perfect shade of beige

Hi everyone♡
Today I'm wearing an elegant shade of beige with a silver gradient.

I think it is any nail blogger's mission to find 
the perfect shade of beige that matches your skintone.
It's so difficult to find just the right hue that would compliment your skintone
and make your nails look longer and cleaner than ever,
since you can't really rely on other people's swatches.
 You just have to try them out yourself!!
I was on this mission ever since I've started painting my nails for the first time,
and I now own about 10 different beige polishes.

And I was lucky enough to find the perfect beige!!
My good friend gave this to me as a present,
and I absolutely love it!!
I love Essence polishes,
all the colours I've tried from them dry fast,
has good pigmentation and dries super glossy!!
I also love their slightly rounded brush 
that makes painting around the cuticle lines so much easier!!

The formula for this beige was amazing too,
it became opaque after 2 thin coats,
and any slight streaks you have can be covered up with a topcoat!!

After 2 coats of this beige,
I added my all time favourite silver glitter near the cuticles in a gradient,
then finished off with a thick coat of topcoat.
✤ Colours Used ✤
Base coat: OPI#NT T10 natural nail base coat
Beige: essence nude glam #04 iced latte
Silver Flecks: TiNS#701 Photogénne
Top coat: Seche Vite dry fast top coat

What do you think?

I think my nails look super stylish and clean and elegant♡♡♡


Here are some pictures I have taken the next day,
in natural light as opposed to the ones I have taken before in my room.
Hope you can see how the beige has a very slight hint of pink in the daylight!!
I usually paint my nails everyday,
but I am too much in love with this to change today!!

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