Glitter on lilac shimmer

Today, I have a very princess-like nail art,
using a simple lilac shimmer and a beautiful glitter polish.

The lilac shimmery polish is from Sinful Colors, called Purple Diamond.
I used 3 thick coats for full oacity.
I have to say though, the first coat on its own was very prettty,
looking more like a pink shimmer,
so I might only use 1 or 2 coats if I felt more like using a pink polish.
(The nail line was very visible though!!)

The glitter polish I used is OPI Which is witch? from their
Oz The Great & Powerful Soft Shades Collection.
This is a holographic glitter top coat with hex and tiny bar glitters.
It makes the nails look like they're wearing tiaras  ♡
I love the end result, but for the formula, I can't say the same!
It was my third time using this, and already the formula had gone pretty gloopy!!
I'm gonna have to use this with polish thinners from now on.

✤ Colours Used ✤
Base coat: OPI#NT T10 natural nail base coat
Shimmery purple: Sinful Colors#102 Purple Diamond
Holographic glitter: OPI#NL T60  Which is witch?
Essie#645: my place or yours
Top coat: Seche Vite dry fast top coat

Do you like this as much as I do??
It's like my nails are going to a prom night ♡


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    1. Thank you ♥

      I'm loving your blog, especially the post on Essie Bikini So Teeny♪ I'm more of a pink person too, but that pretty blue is probably my favourite Essie colour ever!!

      - ayaka xx