⋈ ribbon nails ⋈

Hi everyone!!
Today, I have a picture that I found in my photo album.
Old photos are the best source of inspiration for me,
I have millions of my past nails and designs I've found online,
and I spend AGES just browsing through my collection ♥
They make me so happy♪

So, does this nail look familiar?
I've used the same colours as I have on my first ever blog post here 
For the bow on my thumb,
I cut out a scotch tape and stenciled the silver polish on,
then removed the scotch tape when the polish was half dry.
(I found out that if the polish is too dry or too wet,
the scotch tape pulls and messes up the bow!!)

✤ Colours Used ✤
Base coat: OPI#NT T10 natural nail base coat
Silver Flecks: TiNS#701 Photogénne
.Top coat: Seche Vite dry fast top coat

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