OPI: base coat


I highly recommend this base coat, especially if you're worried about the damage caused by nail polishes.

The formula is very easy to work with, drying fast and evenly, 
and as far as I know, works well with all types of polishes!!

As a precaution, I wear 2-3 coats of this before using any drugstore polishes,
and it has never let me down!!

(I cannot tell if it makes my polishes last longer,,, because I change my nails at least once every two days!! LOL)

It is a little pricey compared to drugstore brands, but I highly trust OPI, and so should you♥


✤NT T10 natural nail base coat
✤watery consistency
✤dries super fast
✤spreads into a thin, even coat
✤natural, shiny finish
✤the pink colour does not show on nail, even after 3 coats
✤prevents nails from staining (even with red, blue or yellow polishes!!)
✤works well with glitter, cream, jelly or textured polishes
✤does not have a strong unpleasant smell

So yes, if you want to paint your nails as often as I do,,,,

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