Models Own: Blueberry Muffin ♡

Today, I'm wearing a scented nail polish from Models Own in the shade of Blueberry Muffin!!
Yes, scented!!!
This is one of the five scents / colours they have in their Fruit Pastel Collection.

Blueberry Muffin is a clean shade of delicate baby blue,
which leans a little on the grey / lilac side depending on the lighting.

I applied 3 thick coats to reach the opacity of the bottle and a smooth surface.
After the first coat,
which seemed to be an easy application,
the polish started to become thick and make streaks,
so the 2nd and 3rd coat had to be pretty thick.

As with the scent that I was very very excited to smell in person .......
Well, let's just say that the sweet smell of Blueberry Muffin 
does not cancel out the usual smell of polishes when the polish is still wet!!
Having said that though, once it had dried,
only the sweet smell remained,
even after a thick coat of Seche Vite dry fast top coat ♡

So was it worth the £5??
I'd say yes!!
The pastel colours are all sweet,
and I cannot wait to try out other scents,
especially the cream yellowed Banana Split.... ♡
 This is a shot with my favourite clutch bag from Forever 21♡
Yes, I know the bag looks HUGE,
but it's only because my hand is small.
Like, baby small.

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