Models Own: Grape Juice ♡

Today, I'm wearing Grape Juice,
a pink-toned, sweet lilac cream from Models Own.
This is another shade from their scented Fruit Pastel Collection!!
Yesterday in this post for the review of Blueberry Muffin, 
I said that I wanted to get Banana Split.
I went to the store and came to the realisation that it would just clash with my skin tone.
 So I settled for this colour instead.

I love the colour and I love the scent (that smells nothing like grape juice, but I like it anyway) !!

It's just the really thick consistency that's really really annoying!!
I prefer any polish jelly or cream to be runny, sheer and buildable,
 so I can control the colour density.
Also, runny polishes are far more easier to deal with 
compared to a thick, gloopy polish  that results in uneven finish.

What do you think of the end result?
Do you think it's worth having to deal with a gloopy polish??

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