zoya: vespa


 Zoya#ZP659: Vespa


matte & smoky light green with silver sparkles


textured (like sparkling green sugar) / great consistency /sheer (3 coats for full-coverage) / matte finish / long lasting
✤best used without base/top coat✤


zoya PixieDust collection


I first thought wearing textured polishes would be like having sandpaper on your nails and irritating.
However, I had this polish on my fairly long nails for 3 days,
and I was glad to find out that it doesn't scratch my skin or my clothes :)
It was long-lasting and did not chip at all, but the edges become a little shiny over time.
The only downside to this polish would be removal I think.
The fine sparkles and textured particles were a nightmare to clean off.
My advise would be to soak cotton pads in nail polish remover and leave them on your nails for a few minutes
with foils wrapped around them to avoid the particles from scratching and damaging your nails too much.
Another advise is to make sure each coat is dry before you add another on top!!
But it only takes about 10 mins for each coat to dry,
and considering that you don't need to apply a base coat or top coat, it would be my go-to polish for a busy/lazy day!!

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