polish shopping: ready for spring & summer

Hi everyone :)
Today's post is about my latest shopping spree♥

Every now and then, 
I get the high-end nail polishes shipped from the USA from this site.
They are aimed for Japanese users,
but have kindly agreed to ship them to the UK when I've asked.
The good thing about this site is that they sometimes have 20% off and free shipping deals!!
So I wait patiently until these deals come up,
and splurge!!
(That doesn't mean that I can resist all the temptations in my local Superdrug though....)

✤Shopping List✤

(TOP left → right)
Zoya#ZP244 Mia
Zoya#ZP660 Nyx
Zoya#ZP659 Vespa
Zoya#ZP661 London
Essie#473 sugar daddy
Essie#710 van d'go
Essie#722 haute as hello
Essie#942 penny talk

(BOTTOM left → right)
OPI#NL T56 Lights of Emerald City
OPI#NLT60 Which is Witch?
OPI#NL T61 I Theodora You 
OPI#NL T52 Don't Touch My Tutu!
OPI#NL T55 Pirouette My Whistle
OPI#NL E74 You're Such a BudaPest

I just keep staring at the bottles,
they're soooo pretty.... ♥
Very Spring/Summer shades, don't you think???


  1. Hello, your blog looks lovely, I am about to follow you. Maybe you could head over to my blog and follow me too? I have a post about Nails Inc- Elizabeth Street, if you are interested?

    1. Hey Charlotte, thanks for commenting ♥
      I've followed your blog too, the pictures look amazing!!