Res - cuticle with Sally Hansen♡

Today, I have a product review for you!!
Sally Hansen - Gel Cuticle Remover -

I read a lot of nail polish blogs,
not just because I adore their swatches, amazing nail art skills and beautiful nail shapes.
More than anything,
I just can't stop staring at their perfect cuticle lines... !!
They look so neat, clean and pretty♡

So today, 
in the hope of getting a clean cuticle like a professional nail blogger,
 I will be doing a product review of Sally Hansen's Gel Cuticle Remover♪♪

First, I applied this on my cuticle line and let it work for 2 mins.
Then, using an orange wood stick,
I gently massaged and pushed back the cuticle.
After that, I washed it thoroughly with warm soapy warter.


After 1 use
See how clean and well-kept the cuticles look after just one use??

It was my first time ever using a cuticle remover,
but I realise now how important this is to keep your nails looking healthy!!
I'm definitely going to continue this from now on!!

You only have to use this 1-2 times a month,
and for £6.95, I think it was definitely worth the money!!
I've used this on my toe nails too,
and I couldn't believe all the excess cuticles that came off!! (gross!!)

I definitely recommend this product :)

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