blue sugar nails

Today, I'm wearing Nyx; a textured polish from the PixieDust Collection by Zoya♥
As I have said on my post on Vespa, I absolutely love love LOVE Zoya's textured polishes... 
The glitters are fine, elegant, matte yet beautifully shimmery under the sun,
the most perfect kind of textured polish you could ever want in my opinion!!
At the moment, I only own polishes from their first PixieDust Collection,
and I just cannot wait to get my hands on their Summer Edition and their Fall Edition!!

✤ Colours Used ✤

Zoya#ZP660: Nyx


  1. That polish is so pretty! Was it hard to remove? I like textured polishes but have never tried this one...
    Your blog is so pretty, I love nail polish!
    Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin? If so just follow mine and leave a comment on my blog so I know and I'll do the same back :) Thanks so much

    1. Thank you, I loved your blog too!!
      And yes... it was pretty hard to remove, especially because of the tiny silver glitters that likes to stick everywhere!
      On the other hand, the application was super easy and super fast drying :)